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Aw Young QingzhuoAw Young Qingzhuo

Finally starting on a project long overdue. Well so I’m gonna make a new website for my portfolio, so why not pop a blog on it too? I’m writing this first post ahead of time, so it is likely that you will not be reading this till much later. I’ll be writing about new projects, hackathons, new frameworks and other tech related stuff, this post is probably as ‘personal’ as it is gonna get.

As for this site, I’ve decided that I’m going to be using Jekyll. Mainly because it is really lightweight (but sufficient my purposes) and is supported by Github pages. It has been quite a lot of work messing with configurations and writing up templates and layouts, but I’m sure it’ll be a time saver later on (relevant xkcd).

Check back for more stuff! There will be more posts coming up, once I finish up other parts of the site and polish the remainder.