A selection of my top projects

Crowdify: Music from everyone

Crowdify is a web app that intelligently composes playlists on Spotify. An organiser can create an event, which guests attend through an URL in 1 click.

We then aggregate the music preferences of all the attendees, and generate a playlist which matches the target demographic as closely as possible. Playlist is automatically generated and updated on Spotify.

Built on Node/Express/Mongo during HackCambridge Recurse.

Website | GitHub | Devpost

Crowdify: Music from everyone

This is Skynet

Visualizes air traffic in an interactive 3D globe using data scraped from Skyscanner API. Shows frequency and volume of inbound and outbound flights between countries.

Flight routes are represented as links between countries. Inbound routes are shown as blue links, while outbound routes are shown as red links.

Built on three.js during HackLondon 2016. Winner of domain.com prize.

Website | GitHub | Devpost

GitHub Visualizer

Provides an at-a-glance overview of the a GitHub repository and makes exploring large and complex projects a breeze. Visualizes the structure of a repository using a force-directed graph layout.

Built with D3.js. Created at StacsHack 2016. Winner of Bloomberg’s Favourite Project. Featured on ProductHunt, reached front page of HackerNews and was trending at #20 on GitHub.

Website | Github | Devpost


A machine learning project that predicts whether a project submitted to a hackathon is a winning project. Our classifier was trained on data scraped from over 30,000 projects made at 1000+ hackathons on DevPost. Testing revealed accuracy of around 95%, with good precision and almost perfect recall.

Built at HackNotts.

Website | GitHub

Mandelbrot fractal generator

A tool written in haskell that draws Mandelbrot fractals. It is capable of generating stunning high resolution renders, both stills and animated, of the Mandelbrot set fractal featuring smooth colorful gradients.

Capable of leveraging multiple cores for rendering, and highly customizable output (see docs).

Built for INF1-FP programming competition. Winner of first prize.

Gallery | Github